Hop the Mini Train at Trinity Park, Not Far From Villas of Oak Hill Apartments

Anyone who's been stuck in the city for too long can breathe in big gulps of fresh air at Trinity Park, a spacious public park located within the fringes of Fort Worth. The Trinity River gushes along the edge of the park, setting a soothing soundtrack for a hike or bike ride along the winding, woodsy trails.

If you bring the kids along, skip the hike and head to one of the playgrounds scattered throughout the park. They're all well-equipped to keep your youngsters entertained, though they may pale in comparison to the working miniature train that chugs through Trinity Park. Board the locomotive for a ride around the park, and hop off at the duck pond to feed your feathered friends. You can also go fishing off of the pier—the river is regularly stocked so as to make fishing more fruitful and fun at Trinity Park. It's worth the drive from Villas of Oak Hill Apartments.

Trinity Park
2401 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 392-5700

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