Try the Seared Baby Octopus at Shinjuku Station

Named for "the world's busiest train stop" in Tokyo, Shinjuku Station mirrors its namesake in several ways. For one thing, it's a hub for the community, just as Shinjuku Station is for Tokyo. For another, it entertains crowds every day—albeit, not the 2 million travelers who pass through the real Shinjuku on a daily basis. And finally, this eatery offers a colorful array of cuisine, as does the district that surrounds Shinjuku Station in Japan.

Given the unique nature of this restaurant, it's not to be missed. Come to Shinjuku Station when you're craving something a little different, like tapas served Japanese-style—AKA izakaya-style. The Tok fries are a particular hit among customers, topped with furikake, spicy mayo, and togarashi. The seared baby octopus in sesame oil is another exotic small plate that patrons love. Pair that with a variety of tasty sushi rolls when you visit Shinjuku Station.

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