FW Market + Table: Come for Brunch

If you recently resolved to eat healthier, you might be worried that your diet is about to consist solely of salads and veggie burgers. Chef Kalen of FW Market + Table isn't satisfied with that type of rabbit food diet. She and her team know that healthy food can taste and look good, and it can extend beyond the scope of salads. That's why she opened FW Market + Table three months ago, about 10 minutes from Villas of Oak Hill.

It contains two distinct restaurants: the Market and the Table. The Market promises consistently fresh fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that looks relatively similar from day to day—though the menu is so large and eclectic that you won't really have to eat the same thing twice. The Table, on the other hand, is where Chef Kalen and her team get creative using fresh, seasonal ingredients and their imagination. That menu changes all the time. Regardless of which eatery you visit, most locals say you should come for brunch, especially if avocado toast or banana pancakes sound good to you.

FW Market + Table
2933 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 850-9255

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