Don’t Miss the Caprese Sandwich at Casablanca Coffee

Casablanca Coffee's owner is known as one of the best baristas in the city and a generous, friendly guy too, providing excellent service and tasty coffee throughout the week. You can get more than just hot drinks at Casablanca Coffee, however. The eatery also dishes out fresh food for breakfast and lunch, including crepes. Order your crepe stuffed with mixed berries, cinnamon, and warm honey if you want something sweet. Or try one filled with fresh spinach, spiced mushrooms, and feta cheese for a savory combination. You can also dig into an omelet or a breakfast sandwich on a bagel. The lunch menu contains various light sandwiches, including a recently added Caprese sandwich.

Known for it's great vibe and delicious drinks and food, Casablanca Coffee is a great place to visit this week, so be sure to check it out.

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