Make the Short Drive From Villas of Oak Hill Apartments to Experience the Vingage Charm of Stevie’s Diner in Fort Worth

Diners tend to have a vintage vibe to begin with, but Stevie's Diner, located just a quick trip from Villas of Oak Hill Apartments, kicks things up a notch. The moment you step inside this Fort Worth eatery, you might feel as if you've been transported to 1955 — the servers wear vintage uniforms, there's a working jukebox, and the menu features throwback favorites.

For breakfast, expect tried and true dishes like pancakes and scrambled eggs, accompanied by fresh squeeze orange juice and piping hot coffee served in a vintage mug. As the arms of the antique cock on he wall turn toward afternoon, the options will expand to include burgers, hotdogs, fries, and shakes. Breakfast is available anytime, so if you like to have breakfast for dinner sometimes, make sure to stop by Stevie's and indulge.

Stevie’s Diner
5500 N. Tarrant Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76244

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